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Wisdom creates satisfied products and creates a better life

Always adhere to the marketing concept of customer demand as the center

Obtained a number of product patents

  • The company cooperates with many colleges and universities inside and outside the province and introduces student backbone
  • We have established a R & D team with a number of technologies and are committed to the R & D and production of automobile hub shaft tube and shaft head
  • 41 patents were obtained, including 4 invention patents

Multiple production and processing lines

  • The company now has 342 employees and 357 sets of production equipment and testing equipment
  • Six blanking production lines, four forging production lines, six heat treatment production lines and sixteen machining production lines

Service form

  • Always maintain in-depth communication with customers
  • Consistent with the customer's demand for products and the customer's enterprise development strategic objectives
  • Ensure product quality and service quality

Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service

  • Establish a tracking mechanism service chain based on pre-sales tracking, business tracking and after-sales tracking
  • Establish a network platform for all links of products such as product orders, planning, design, procurement and production to improve product quality and customer satisfaction

About Fengzheng

Xiangyang Fengzheng Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan, covering an area of 142 Mu and a construction area of 44256 square meters. It is located in Wuxi Road, Xiangyang Automobile Industrial Park, adjacent to a number of large-scale automobile manufacturing enterprises in Asia, surrounded by a number of expressways and railways, with convenient transportation. It is a large-scale domestic automobile half shaft casing and shaft head production enterprise, with an annual production capacity of 2.4 million pieces. It has been firmly in the forefront in the field of half shaft casing in China and the top in the world. Products cover trucks (heavy, medium and light), passenger cars, trailers, mining vehicles, construction machinery, etc. the main supporting customers are Dongfeng Dena axle Co., Ltd., Shaanxi hande axle Co., Ltd., Fangsheng axle Co., Ltd., Jinan Bridge Box Co., Ltd. of China Heavy Truck Group, Yutong Bus Co., Ltd., Hefei Meiqiao Co., Ltd. and other domestic enterprises. The products are exported to North America , Europe and other countries.

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  • How to organize the inspection of the forging of the rear axle half shaft sleeve?

    The defects such as cracks, pores, shrinkage cavities and inclusions inside the forging can be detected by nondestructive testing. The macro structure inside the forging needs to be observed and analyzed by dissecting the typical cross section of the forging randomly selected.

  • How to introduce forging method of half shaft sleeve?

    Heavy forgings are usually used as key components of large machinery. Therefore, the quality requirements of large forgings are very high in the production process. According to the forming mechanism, the forging of large forgings can be divided into free forging, die forging, ring grinding and special forging. Let's follow the small series of half shaft sleeve to understand and have a look!