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Does the manufacturer of heavy truck axle shaft sleeve describe the assembly knowledge of axle shaft

Sources:Xiangyang Fengzheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd | PublishDate:2021.12.17

For the assembly knowledge of axle shaft sleeve in the integral axle housing, follow the small series of heavy truck axle shaft sleeve manufacturers to understand and have a look!

The integral car shell has high strength and stiffness, and is convenient for the assembly, adjustment and maintenance of the main reducer. Therefore, it has been widely used in various automobiles. The middle part of the integrated shaft shell is an annular hollow beam made of nodular cast iron. Both ends are pressed into the steel half shaft sleeve, and its position is limited by the stop screw. The outer end of the axle shaft sleeve is used to install the hub bearing, and the flange is used to fix the brake base plate. Due to different manufacturing methods, the integrated shaft shell has many forms. Common forms include integral casting, medium-sized casting, steel pipe press fitting at both ends, steel plate stamping and welding, and steel pipe expansion molding. In order to improve the strength and rigidity of the integrally cast axle box, the half shaft sleeve made of seamless steel pipe is inserted into both ends. It is pressed into the rear axle housing, and there is an exhaust plug on the axle housing to ensure ventilation under high temperature and maintain the quality and service life of lubricating oil. The integrally cast axle box has high rigidity and high strength, and is easy to cast into other strength beam shapes; However, due to its high quality and difficult to guarantee the casting quality, it is suitable for medium and heavy vehicles, more often for heavy vehicles.

The steel pipe axle housing cast at both ends of the middle section is light in weight, simple in process, not easy to deform, but poor in rigidity, which is suitable for mass production. The steel plate stamping welded axle housing has the advantages of small quality, simple manufacturing process, high material utilization, good impact resistance and low cost. It is suitable for mass production. Its half shaft sleeve is welded with the main parts of the axle housing.